We stronglybelieve that everyone has a role in conserving our resources by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. 
The energy and natural resources, consumed in various forms, for manufacturing the day-to-day things is enormous; which gets locked in the products due to the changed requirements we at R Cube wish to give a second life to these things and help unlock the already consumed energy and natural resources.

The Idea ‘R Cube’ is a passive way of conserving the Natural resources.

We wish to expand this to a larger  scale and believe that it has a huge potential. Such stores should be at various locations not only in our city but all across ICurrently we R Cube Team are taking care of work as well as expenses part of it. With kind support our efforts will have meaningful impact
on the society and can reach many. We strongly feel it should reach too many through right medium.

Himmat Foundation is registered Trust with Charity Commissioner and R Cube Charity Store is its Initiative.Donate in cash to help run
the store more meaningfully, this will encourage our efforts to reach out to many . Please donate in the Name of HIMMAT FOUNDATION.

Please Download Declaration Form Here

 Our sincere appeals to all, Please donate the surplus to the store and help REDUCE. Do not forget to sign the Donation
 slip, you may   download the same and sent it along with your donation to the store.

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