About R Cube

R Cube charity store is an initiative in the direction to conservation of energy and natural resources, where each R stands for Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle……, Wish to do a bit in direction of conservation by providing an organised medium to unlock the consumed energy and natural resources.

If one is to appreciate the genesis of our R-cube, it is important to visualize the entire process involved in converting the basic raw material into finished goods; time, energy and costs involved at every stage being enormous. Under-utilization of such finished goods in a way is a national waste, which needs to be reduced to the minimum. Obviously, ‘Haves’ have to part with their interest to a large extent as compared to the ‘Haves notes’. Sometime having accumulated surplus has to be Reduced by donating the items and someone has to buy and Reuse the things. We firmly believe that things should get a second life and come into circulation again.

With this spirit as a spine, our R cube Charity Store shall function. To sustain and run the store and to meet day to day expenses like rentals, electricity, telephone charges and some overheads such as the salaries for the optimum staff required, donation items will be sold as at discounted cost.

R Cube Charity Store one of the activities of Himmat Foundation, a registered trust with the Charity Commissioner of Pune. The entire surplus generated through above activity will be used for the purpose of this trust committed for the Basic Education of Children.

We at R Cube Charity Store would like you all to join us with this mission toward conservation of our resources by doing our bit. We hereby request you all to have a look at your workplace, home and identify such items which have acquired a places in shelf, lofts, and wardrobes and lets give them a second life. Think whether you would like to donate by yourself to some needy one or kindly send to the store at the address mentioned.

We would request that one should donate things in such condition that one should be encouraged to buy them from the store. In case of garments we would request you to wash them, iron them, pack them in bags and send them to the store. In case of other items or articles, clean and wrap them properly and send. Let’s put one step forward in the direction to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Currently we target to accept following type of items

Garments, Books, Furnitures, Artifacts, Gift articles, Crockeries, Working watches and other appliances.

We would like you to fill up and sign the form indicating items donated and handover the same to the store manager.

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