How Charity store works

Staff and volunteers

Charity store has a paid shop manager, working with a team of volunteers, who help to sort and sell the stock.Employing manager pays for itself, as these people can give more time, skills and attention to the role.

Rent and Bills

Like any other business Charity store have to pay rent on their premises, and bills for services like electricity, phone,municipal taxes, salary to staff for sorting, housekeeping, etc...


The pricing of goods is decided by a group of team and store manager. Benchmark guidance can be provided through catalogue. More valuable antiques can be sold through auctions, etc.

The Quality of donations

Unfortunately, a proportion of donations are not suitable or of sufficient quality to be sold in store, for example clothing that is badly stained or torn, broken electrical goods ,games with missing pieces, etc. However, the vast majority of this can be reused or recycled. Books and records can be sold to commercial collector. Other items such as glass or wood can be recycled.

Acquiring donations

Sorting donations


Charity store acquires its stock through people coming in with bags of stocks. Store also does collections from houses, businesses. If you have a large amount of donations, it is often worth ringing the store to see if they can come and collect it from you.

The store sorts the donations as per the category and then as per the quality. The donations which cannot be reused are put aside for recycling.


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