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On a day-to-day basis we buy lots of things for our personal or family use. We buy clothes, do books, toys, gift articles, furniture, watches, gadgets, etc. While buying or even while using, very rarely we think about consumption of human and natural resources. If one can imagine, to manufacture everything, huge quantum of energy and materials are used in the form of human efforts, transport, electrical energy, etc. In turn it consumes fuel, coal, water, chemicals, wood and so many natural resources drawn from our Mother Earth.
With the rising affluence of our society as a whole, and with newer and newer marketing attractions, one can seldom resist the temptation of buying more and more items of day-to-day use. Of these, some could be for genuine needs and certainly some by way of an impulsive purchase. Over a period, as we buy more, we accumulate.

Due to competition, status, changed requirements, upgraded versions, change in time and many more reasons, the use of these things lesser and slowly it moves to store or attic! Once it gets its place on shelf / wardrobe, loft we hardly notice its presence or use. Now and thus the entire quantum of energy, material and resources consumed get locked and buried.., unless it comes into circulation again.
The fact remains. We humans have created enough for our needs, extracted enough from Earth for our needs of materials, metals, chemicals, fuel, coal, water, energy requirements, etc, exerted enough on environment and will continue.....

Somewhere one has to think / visualize the entire process involved in converting the basic raw material into finished goods, and the time, energy and cost involves at every stage. It is enormous ! Under-utilization of such finished goods in a way is a national waste, which needs to be reduced to the minimum.

Let's practice, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Get Beware before we buy something now onwards; think twice...do we really need it !



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